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Complete eyewear means you will always get a high quality frame with a premium lens included. Whether you want a lens without prescription (plano lens) , a single vision lens for near or distance vision OR a high-tech multifocal lens that adapts to your needs, all of our frames are fully customizable.

Optical Near ME- Casanova Eyewear
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All frames come equipped with a free single vision lens and premium no-glare (anti-reflective) coating. There are many terms out there for coatings and lens technology and with our built in guides, we have made it easy for you to do your own research and choose a lens that works best for you. We feature products from around the world. Our exclusive eyewear designers such as Davette’s Lunettes, Casanova, Vontelle, Tejesta and many others have been designing eyeglass and sunglass frames for decades.  The Optical Near ME line of frames are our affordable frame line that we have designed to help you enjoy both style AND affordability. We have taken great care to build a catalog that represents all layers of diversity. No matter what your size, color or style, we can find eyewear that will make you look and feel amazing. Once you find the perfect frame, you can now try it on instantly with no fuss on any device with our Perfect Fit try on. No PD? No Problem!! We will capture your selfie during check out and get your eyewear with no drama!